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Training Research Experience Accreditation &
Certification Council
TX America USA


Recognized by Global Standardization and Accreditation Council America and Global Bureau Accreditation Registrars

Accredited By Board Of Quality Standards ( BQS- International)

Get Globally Accredited & Certified
Within 120 days to Enter Into The
World Of Excellence. Golden Chance
For Adult Professionals!

The basic mission of TREAC Council America is to provide opportunities
of flexible certifications to adult professionals at affordable
fees with your own pace.Moreover these certificates are barcoded
and the most trusted ones.

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   If you are looking for professional development in terms of CONTIONUING education , Capacity Building Certification , Recognition of Prior Learning . experiential learning , LMS based learning , Flexible Learning- then stay it is your destiny to adhere too! And if you are not a busy professional , this is not for you. However once visit the web page, sometimes people make interest on the spot. However our major focus is on the learners of training institutes for accreditation.

Some of our courses are accredited by Board Of Quality Standards and many other assurance organizations.

Before delving into details of TREAC Council of TX USA, it is imperative to click on COURSES  so that you can easily  find suitable course for online free registration. TREAC Council stands for Training , Research, Experience  Accreditation and Certification Council and is its partner which is devoted to the development of arena of safety. It’s a big organization based in Texas, USA and has its wings around the globe. Normally a Traditional Institutions like Schools, Colleges and Universities impart formally recognized education. But there is still a gap between the education the learners attain and the out side industries. Thus to fill up this gap and to enhance the trust of the employers, TREAC Council emerged. It mainly focuses on giving trainers a way to get official recognition according to the high standards of Training Research Accreditation Certification Council. Hence if you are learner at any stage TREAC Council is here to Certify and Accredit your Training, and Experience in the given field. TREAC Council is accredited by VUT Cert. TREACC is also having reciprocal recognition with Kesmonds International University and other organizations, like Ballsbridge University Cyprus and North West International University Armenia.

In addition TREAC Council is also accredited by Global Standardization Council USA.   In the same way TREACC is on journey to get more accreditation and we are pleased to note that has also conferred recognition on TREAC Council. TREAC Council is on way to get more accredited members in order to support the learners and award barcode protected certification with global image. TREAC Council is not mere an institute rather it is a global entity of training and certifications.

NOTE: In collaboration with international universities , TREACC is authorized to admit working professionals in any graduate and post graduate courses in health , management , engineering and agriculture at 50% discount.

Who are needed to be certified in their job fields?

Why such certifications?

If you are a reputed institute or training provider get accredited by TREAC Council of TX USA to get global image. For details please CLICK HERE


If you’re a trainer, whether on your own or with a company, you put a lot of effort into helping people learn and grow. It’s important that you get the recognition you deserve from the industry and the people you help. If you’re aiming for excellence, TREACC can help you get there.

Our accreditation process is affordable. Training organizations only pay for audits and reviews. TREACC accredits trainers and companies for three years. After that, we review to make sure your commitment to excellence continues to be acknowledged and appreciated.


Choosing a course led by a trainer approved by TREACC, the TREACC, adopts smart move to recognize your training and research or experience and push you to the other level of excellence.

Plus, with an accredited course, you can get a certificate from TREACC. It’s easy to check online and shows others that you’ve put in hard work and are dedicated to getting better in your job and personal life.

For students and professionals TREACC takes further steps and in case of experience work evidence of at least 02 years the candidate can apply for accreditation and certification in order to achieve diploma/certificate.

Such certificates are valid for at least 03 years and upon successful demonstration after three years they are renewable.

DISCLAIMER: TREACC US is primarily a TX based LLC devoted to promotion of education for developing and marginalized segments of society and aims to certify the candidates who have gained training and experience evidence in specific area. Any false statement or forgery is the sole responsibility of the candidate, and seeking admission in any course is the decision of the candidate at his/her own sweet will. TREAC Council does not accept any responsibility whatsoever. The candidate is willing by default by cookies sent by this website.

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